Why Read This?

This modern dating world can be pretty fucking hard to navigate; my dream is for all young ladies to find a place of connection and community in the experiences of dating, relationships and life. 

YOU are NOT alone in this!  

This is a dating blog centered around finding love and building positive lasting relationships.  Each post will share stories about dates, relationships (the good, the bad, the hot or the ugly) and everything in between.  

Please use my experiences as examples of mistakes made and lessons learned.  Or, at the least, find something to giggle at around 5pm when you are itching to get out the office to rush to your favorite spin class.  

Tie yourself down, or maybe simply buckle up (since being tied up reminds you too much of sex with an ex)  in preparation to laugh your head off at my feeble attempts to date, questionably wild sex experiences and emotional roller coasters of life and love.  

Read your hearts out and share with all your girls the next time you are chugging Rosé while listening to Adele on repeat post breakup.



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