About Siren Belle

Hey Girl, Heyyyy

Like you, I am a young lady/girl/woman (what is the proper etiquette now?) feverishly attempting to understand and navigate this digital age of dating and life.  

Currently I am typing this description up on my iPad, post chocolate edible, wearing a blue fluffy robe with a hood and striped pink socks.  My aim was to look like one of the Victoria Secret models but I more resemble Ronda Rousey post-fight, except much less buff. 

Did I mention it is a Saturday night?  

And I wonder why I am single..

I have gone through the random hook ups, friends with benefits, casual dating, and serious relationship phases of life. Like an album on repeat, I seem to be looping back through it again.  Except this album is burned onto an old CD, and that old CD has accumulated scratches which stop it from playing forward.  

Eject it. Wipe it on my shirt.  Blow onto it.  But it still wont play my favorite song. 

Maybe the problem is I am trying to play a CD, and its 2018…

Now, I will not be disclosing precisely who I am.  Because, who would willingly go out with a girl writing about dating and sex?  I do not want to expose any of my counterparts within the stories and my intention is not to hurt anyone’s feelings with my candor and jokes.  

I also must stay anonymous since I think my entire family would be mortified if they knew everything I am going to disclose.  Let’s simply say, they could never think of whipped cream the same way.  No one would be topping their Thanksgiving pies with the fluffy goodness, and that is simply something that cannot be stopped.    

For the sake of reference, please call me Siren. 

This is the most fitting Alias I could create given that I have voluptuous red hair, love the ocean, and accidentally tend to lure men in to ultimately destroy them, or us, or me…this is still to be determined.  

This chocolate edible is really starting to kick in and I think that I am about to become paralyzed on my couch so time to wrap this up!

I love experiences and the ability to share them with others is the best way to create meaningful connections with people.  It is through stories that we help others understand each other, ourselves and ultimately grow together.  

I am so honored you have decided to join this journey!



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